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Oak Park Self Storage

Due to reservation confusion we try to keep only available rooms on this list


-Prices good for a Year

Manager Special $20.00 off first 4 months

10x10  $160 is $140.00/mth  first 4 month


Manager Special $40.00 off first 4 months

9x20  $225.00 is $185.00/m for first 4 months.


10x20 $255.00 is $215.00/m for first 4 months


Manager Special on 11x30  $50.00 off first 4 months

11x30  $350.00 Basic drive up room (1607)

this is $300.00 a month for the first 4 months


11x30 $365.00 (1102) this is $315/mth. first 4 mths.

This room lines up with a drive so you can pull a boat or trailer in or out it has lights and a full alarm system. Must be proficient at backing trailers. (28' 6" max)

A Friendly Place To Store Your Stuff

Oak Park Self Storage
1909 SE 6 Ave
Camas, WA  98607
Phone: 360.834.0280

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